Thai-language Headlines of December 15, 2011

Komchadluek, December 15, 2011
– Mad pit bull dog mauled an old woman’s head and killed her. 
– Investigate the politician named “W” who shot Tankhun’s associate. [“W” indicating the first letter of his name] The police assign a team to investigate, they have confidence that they can arrest the killer for sure. [referring to the Democrat vote canvasser killed in the Don Muang area]
– Chakrit will marry Voonsen in April 2012. [Thai actor and actress]
– Open the metropolitan soldier names list, clearing out all Democrat Party’s members and [promoting] supporters of the Pheu Thai Party. 

Thairath, December 15, 2011
– Pit bull, the devil dog, mauled an old woman to death.
– [Commander-in-chief] Prayut is happy that the government can use army in 24 hours a day. The PM is very appreciative that the army can help Thai people during the flood crisis.
– Aim to discharge 4 deputy commanders in Bangkok. [Amnuay, Kreerin, Ittipol, Sakda]
– Fortune teller predicts there will be heavy deluge in 2012–more than this year.
– Thongma [from Pruksa real estate] is the richest Thai shareholder, Anan [from Land and House] is in second place, Keeree [from BTS] is third place. 
– Reiterating to all provincial governors to rehabilitate flood affected with transparency [meaning without corruption].

Daily News, December 15, 2011
– Pit bull terrier cruelty mauled its 71-year-old owner to death.
– Disabled man who has been committing many robberies is arrested.
– Early in January 2012, there will be a reshuffle of the cabinet.
– Mr. Thongma is the richest Thai shareholder while the lawyer of Mr. Thaksin comes at the forth place.

Matichon, December 15, 2011
– The police will set up many checkpoints and pull in the army to help during the countdown at new year’s.
– The Ministry of Interior plans the qualifications for the 16 empty provincial governor positions. There will be 73 candidates culled from deputy provincial governors and deputy director generals.
– Setting up offices to manage disasters to control both flood and drought. PM repeated to all provincial governors to do everything transparently.
– Doctor Presert is the fifth of richest Thai share holder. Thongma [from Pruksa real estate] is the champion.

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