Thai-language Headlines of December 14, 2011

Komchadluek, December 14, 2011
– Exposed! The reason of killing Tankhun’s henchman was 10 million baht from a “dark side” business [an illegal business]. Losing profit of the scandalous casino in the Don Muang area, then the politician whose name begins with W and ending with M ordered the killing. [referring to the killing of the Democrat vote canvasser – Bangkok is dotted with casinos (technically illegal) operated and protected by top police figures]
– The cabinet concurred with decree draft to increase the salary for members of parliament. 
– Patum Thani residents throng to close Road No. 340. They want to demand the budget to rehabilitate the Ladlumkeaw [area from flooding].
– Charlerm announced that people who bomb or threaten bombs to topple the government will jailed for 38 years.

Matichon, December 14, 2011
– It is revealed that Air Chief Marshal, ACM’s henchman was the reason of the conflict in the Transportation Ministry. Poo clears it up today.
– The cabinet gave green light to have a four-day holiday for the New Year.
– The edge of the Chao Phraya river is in crisis, the river bank collapsed.
– The reason of killing Tankhun’s henchman was conflict of dark side business, but his wife confirmed it was related to politics. [referring to the killing of the Democrat vote canvasser]
– Mr. Surapol and other 5 members left the position of MCOT board. All inside people supported the push for Mr. Sorajak to be the president.

Thairath, December 14, 2011
– A taxi driver who was a former channel 7 boxing champion robbed and raped 9 women. 
– Yaowapa’s son claimed that he was framed for extorting money from a minister to gamble on football. He argued that it was a gangster at Surat Thani [who did it]. [Yaowapa is Thaksin’s sister, owner of M-link corporation and in charge of Pheu Thai in the north]
– Tankhun begged Dr. Porntip to help in her case. The wife [Tankun] confirmed that the reason was politics and asked the police to disclose the politician, Mr. W., who ordered the killing. [referring to the killing of the Democrat vote canvasser – Dr. Pornthip is the incorruptible forensic scientist hated by the police for her willingness to report forensic results no matter what the outcome.]
– Pathum Thani residents can’t stand the polluted water anymore. They closed Road No. 340.
– The criminal who shot an RPG to demolish the Ministry of Defense in 2010 is jailed for 38 years.

Daily News, December 14, 2011
– PM vows not to be paranoid of the army. She begged to clear her relationship with all top soldiers.
– Exposing the team that killed Chutidet. His wife confirmed that the reason of his death was politics. [referring to the killing of the Democrat vote canvasser]
– In the case of the robbery of the permanent secretary [of transport], the lost money totaled 55 million baht. [as opposed to the 5 million claimed by the victim]
– Agriculturists are happy that the budget for flood rehabilitation will be approved in a special case by 25 December.
– The tollway will be free of charge during the long new year holiday.

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