Thai-language Headlines of December 13, 2011

Komchadluek, December 13, 2011
– Revealed that a person named beginning with “W” killed the vote canvasser. But Tankhun is worried about catching the wrong person. The police suspect the reason was from personal issue. [referring to the murder of a vote canvasser in the Don Muang area]
– 20 billion baht to rehabilitate flood affected [areas]. The sea in the south of Thailand inundated a village. 40 houses were underwater, the embankment broke.
– Reconciliation is obstructed. Thaksin escaped to Cambodia. The Democrat Party threaten that they will not reconcile and oppose the amnesty.
– Chalerm will be strict during the New Year festival, will intercept 4 groups tempted to cause turbulence in the city like happened in the year 2007. [Chalerm is making these headline grabbing statements every day now. Is he attempting to divert attention from the Pheu Thai meetings in Cambodia and Singapore as Thaksin reshuffles the cabinet? Or he is setting himself up as a future PM candidate for restless Pheu Thai MPs fed up with the drive for Thaksin amnesty? Or both? Translation of all his comments in Daily News and Thairath are here.]

Daily News, December 13, 2011
– Chalerm revealed that Bangkok is likely to be disturbed by a gang during the New Year festival.
– Hun-Ma-Net [Hunsen’s son] has attended the wedding ceremony of Am. [Thaksin’s daughter] Yingluck and Thaksin have congratulated the bride and groom. [This is another indication that the ties between Thaksin and the Hunsen family are deep. Any non-Thaksin aligned government can expect to be hounded by “border problems.”]
– Sek Loso [Thai singer involved in several scandals] posted a photo of himself and his new girlfriend.
– The cabinet has given the green light for emergency spending of 20 billion baht for post-flood rehabilitation.

Matichon, December 13, 2011
– Conflict in the Ministry of Transportation and Communications hasn’t ended yet. Poo will be an intermediary. She will arrange a meeting in parliament for 3 ministers to clear up the problem.
– The cabinet gave green light for 20 billion baht for rehabilitation [for the flood]. The budget will be approved in 3 days.
– Tankhun’s henchman case might be from a conflict involving amulet trading. Poo is so worried, she chased the Commissioner General to hunt the murderer as soon as possible. [referring to the murder of a vote canvasser in the Don Muang area]
– Surapol stepped down as the president of MCOT and as part of 5 committees. MCOT will appoint again on 14 December.

Thairath, December 13, 2011
– PM chased Commissioner General to hunt the gunman who killed Tankhun’s associate.
– Am’s [Thaksin’s daughter] wedding ceremony was broadcast in Singapore. Thaksin blessed them both.
– 10 areas must be kept under watch to protect from bombs during the in New Year celebrations.
– Thaksin is frustrated that MPs throng to ask for minister positions.
– The first budget of 20 billion baht for flood rehabilitation was approved.

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