The Thai junta looks good at the U.N.

From Manager, September 29, 2015
Title: I knew it… by Buncha/Karmin, 30 September 2015
Headline: Tu [PM Prayuth] looks smart at the U.N., has been appointed as a G77 chairman.
Caption: Hot eye!

[Thaksin is shown being furious at the news. The Thai idiom “hot eye” means being jealous of something/someone.

Red Shirts have insisted that PM Prayuth has been humiliated by his performance at the U.N. (The cartoon that upset the junta). Even the BBC supported this Red Shirt view of events by posting an anonymous news report on its Facebook page, only in Thai, claiming the handshake between President Obama and Prayuth had to be “staged.”

However, news that Thailand was appointed as G77 chairman at the U.N. suggests a political victory for the junta’s explanation of Thai events to the world. This is despite human rights groups’ demands that the junta must be condemned for its actions stifling dissent.

The cartoonist points out that a leadership role at the U.N. must be particularly galling to Thaksin. Leadership at the U.N. (and international leadership for Thailand in general) was a perennial goal for Thaksin who once pursued a campaign to install a Thai as U.N. Secretary General.]

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