Thai Intrigue: Army raids Police Special Branch as Israelis are demonstrating wire tap devices to the police

There was no misunderstanding. The Royal Thai Police are still personally loyal to Thaksin and are not trusted by the army.
Rumors and fears of what Thaksin can accomplish with his control of the police rank and file have been circulating for years (from 2012: Thailand’s Thaksin prepares for war and Thai army secretly plans for the worst).
There are also more prosaic explanations. Since the coup, the military has been actually enforcing the law. The criminalized police are feeling the pinch and need intel to prevent the military from further shutting down their gambling and human trafficking rings.

Army wants Prayut to use Section 44 to order declaration of sophisticated spying devices in possession – ThaiPBS, May 8, 2015
The Royal Thai Army wants Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to use his power under Section 44 of the interim constitution to order any state agency which has in possession sophisticated spying devices to declare after finding that such devices were declared just normal telecom devices to deceive the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)…

Army interrupts Israeli demonstration of wiretapping devices to Special Branch Bureau – ThaiPBS, May 8, 2015
A group of soldiers today raided the meeting room of the Special Branch Bureau and detained nine Israeli technicians and staff while they were demonstrating electronic wire tapping devices to special branch police.
But after the interruption of the planned demonstration by soldiers from the Second Calvary Division of the First Army Region, Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang came out to defend the demonstration saying it was merely a misunderstanding caused by misinformation…

Update: Prayut says Army intervention of Israeli spy device demonstration is a misunderstanding
…Meanwhile spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order Col Winthai Suwari stressed that the entry of soldiers into the Royal Thai Police compound has been coordinated but admitted it was hastily done.
He said the team of soldiers interrupted the demonstration just to ask for details of some certain devices which the firm demonstrated and soldiers have no intention to detain anyone…

Update: Thai police concede meekly to alpha army

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