Thai govt claims it sold 600,000 metric tons of rice

Thai government sells 600,000 metric tons rice after special allocation – Reuters, February 19, 2014
…”There were two leading exporters who had overseas orders and needed rice to be delivered immediately so we agreed to award an additional 200,000 metric tons to help support them,” Surasak Riengkul, director-general of the Commerce Ministry’s Foreign Trade Department, told Reuters…

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One Response to Thai govt claims it sold 600,000 metric tons of rice

  1. Wiz says:

    Indonesian government raising the anti dumping issue against Yinglux government as the measure to clear the rice warehouses

    Indonesia, India,Vietnam and Uncle Sam filing the case against Thailand for dumping the rice into the market to WTO – putting Yinglux into the International chopping block

    MoC insisting that they did not dump the prices of rice as claimed by Indonesia

    Moh Warong raising the issue on the rice trading with collusion

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