Thai Government Website Gets An Upgrade: Yingluck, Yingluck, Yingluck!

The Thai government website has been upgraded with a more modern look, and, as would be expected, a heavy dose of Yingluck. Every news item on the English version is of the PM’s activities while other government figures remain invisible.
The Thai-language version of the site has a full range of normal press releases from a range of various government activities and figures. The difference between the English and Thai versions reflects the Thai impulse to create a dumbed-down website for foreigners so as not to burden them with the quirky details of the Thai-language world.

Above: The new site is a big step up from the rudimentary government sites in the past which generally eschewed posting any real press releases and focused on unintentionally humorous informational pages like the list of prime ministers and the peculiar reasons they allegedly left office (below).

From January 7, 2009: Besides the plethora of font types, sizes and colors, the Thai government cabinet website continues to show unusually worded reasons for Prime Ministers leaving office. I bet you did not know Thaksin left office because of the “State Administration Assembly.”

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2 Responses to Thai Government Website Gets An Upgrade: Yingluck, Yingluck, Yingluck!

  1. Dr.Bob says:

    Your comment was spot-on regarding the dumbed-down English-language version of the website.

  2. Wisarut says:

    For the case of Cult of Yinglux, it is now the policy of MCOT and PR Dept to keep Yinglxu in the limelight on the daily news report as much as possible while they have NOT to report the activities of Democrat men other than the case of argument between BMA Governor vs. PT men … Even the flood damages must to be reported unless they have been accompanied with Yinglxu and PT men’s donation activities.

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