Thai election body bans discussion of monarchy

Thai election body bans discussion of monarchy – AFP, May 2, 2011
…”The EC will discuss details of the ban later,” said the body’s chairman Apichart Sukananond, suggesting that parties who flout it may be dissolved and their executives banned for five years…

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3 Responses to Thai election body bans discussion of monarchy

  1. David Brown says:

    seems to be the army that keeps introducing the monarchy into discussions… of everything

    I guess the army is guilty of such terrible performance these days it has no other claim to legitimacy

    poor army, the sooner they pull their head in and revert to their only legitimate role defending the nation against external threats under control of democratically elected governments the more chance for Thailand to regain some of its political, social, business and military standing in the world

  2. ncr says:

    hmmmm……. so that means they would just have to find a *single* party member who breaks the ban in order to get rid of the whole party just in time for the elections (shouldn’t be too hard to plant an agent or pay someone off)? …….but then of course *all* parties could make use of this moronic regulation and thus get each other disbanded – then no elections at all, sorry!
    (Though I would prefer to have all Thai politicians thrown into a dark, deep and damp dungeon.)

  3. ncr says:

    Afterthought: if during the election camapaign, a politician merely refers to the ‘institution’ by mentioning that he is not allowed to talk about it, would that already be breaking the ban (just like with lese majeste)…?

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