Thai authorities don’t owe anything to the US to keep its secrets about torture

Admit to past errors – Bangkok Post, December 15, 2014
…Thai authorities, who have a credibility gap at the moment, could do the same. The timing could not be better: Overall, the public opposes secret deals with foreign governments; campaigns are under way to promote reconciliation and amnesty; the mood of the moment favours disclosure of past errors in return for moral and legal forgiveness.
To know how US and Thai officials conspired 13 years ago to establish an illegal detention house would help to clear the air. It’s scarcely believable that the government knows nothing about the US information. So, knowing that some agencies hosted the CIA’s centre for brutality would be a step forward in bridging the credibility gap.
Thai authorities really don’t owe anything to the US as it reveals its most important secrets. Rather, they owe it to Thai citizens to come clean, learn the lessons and move forward.

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