Thai army secretly plans for the worst

Thai army secretly plans for the worst –, May 11, 2012
…In the event of a future coup or counter-coup, or even a civil war, battalion commanders will be the critical key links in the chain of command in getting units to move out of their garrisons and onto the streets, or conversely by issuing orders not to mobilize. RTA officers organize and ally themselves by their respective Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy (CRMA) graduating class.
…Taken together, however, these moves constitute a massive, self-initiated and coordinated program whose elements are tied together by a drive to increase the internal cohesion and loyalty of the army. While it’s difficult to predict exactly what this multi-faceted program will mean for stability in the months ahead, one thing is certain: Prayuth’s RTA is clearly preparing for any future contingency it may face and bolstering its ability to act on its own initiative in a potential political crisis…

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