Thai anti-dam activist interview that was censored on Thai TV available in full on YouTube

Censored tape is on YouTube now – The Nation, September 29, 2013
…The company was also urged to cut some parts considered provocative. It said the tape was amended accordingly, but in the way that it did not tarnish the company’s standpoint. However, the edited tape could not win the approval.
The company thus posted the tape on YouTube, urging viewers to judge if the tape was biased…

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3 Responses to Thai anti-dam activist interview that was censored on Thai TV available in full on YouTube

  1. Wiz says:

    20,750 more petitions for Anti Mae Wong dam

    Here is what the government has censored on the interview with Anti Mae Wong dam activist

    Here is the reason behind anti Mae Wong dam – exposing about the dirty trick of the government behind the movement to get approval for such controversial dam

    More mockery toward Ai Plodprasob on Mae Wong Dam who suffer from feet in the mouth
    Here is the good alternative for Mae Wong Dam

    Choowit pointing out that the movement to get approval for Mae Wong dam has shown that the government are increasingly out of touch with the people along with the growing selfishness of the government to the point that they have decided to create the artificial flood to justify the construction of the controversial dams

    Dr Sopon Pornchokchai of ERA (Thailand) has raised the case against Dr Sasin on Anti Maewong Dam movement –
    Note: Dr Sopon is running the real estate agent so he has thought that Dr Sasin is going against his own selfish interests on the real estate deals around Mae Wong Dam

    Prachachat still insisting that the info from Social Networks about Anti Dam is still not enough – the way the mouthpieces of propaganda defending the projects to the end

    21 more dams by Irrigation Dept as a part of 350 billion Baht flood control projects

    More mockery toward the hypocrisy of those who run the government TV and of course NBTC

    How UDD men keep lying the public that Mae Wong Dam is Royal project

  2. Wiz says:

    Even the mouthpiece like Siam Thurakij has admitted that Mae Wong Dam may not be worthy investment at all

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