Thai Activists want ‘CIA jail’ truths

Activists want ‘CIA jail’ truths – Bangkok Post, February 7, 2013
…Pornpen Kongkachonkiet said her Cross Cultural Foundation group raised the issue with US President Barack Obama when he visited Thailand last November. The CCF statement was sent to the US embassy but there was no feedback or comments on the issue. The Thai government also did not respond.
“At least one of these black sites is said to have been in Thailand,” said Ms Pornpen. “Not only are both Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri alleged to have been detained at this facility, but it is also alleged that they were also tortured during their detention by US officials, who were aided by Thai officials,” said Ms Pornpen.
It is now well known that Zubaydah was held at a still-secret location in Thailand and subjected to water boarding. Ms Pornpen’s allegation that Thai officials aided in the “enhanced interrogation” are new…

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