Boycott of Thai 7-11s from May 7 to 11


Above: Image from social media. It reads: 7-11, In May give a lesson to the richest–CP’s owner. We won’t die by not going there for five days.

Calls for a boycott of Thai 7-11s from May 7 to 11 are being circulated on social media.

This is mainly related to claims that big Thai chains, such as 7-11s (and also grocery chains and department stores), operate under a business model where they produce knockoff products based on products local businesses submit to them for distribution.

There is also a litany of additional complaints that include the corporate monopolization of the traditional mom and pop convenience store business as well as the business practices of CP Group.

The call for a boycott has also spread to Tesco Lotus with rumors that the chain was acquired by CP Group (parent company of CP All which runs the 7-11 chain). Tesco Lotus released a statement denying this and emphasizing that it actively supports local communities and traditional Thai crafts and production methods.

Thus far, local media appears wary about publicizing the boycott and challenging a juggernaut like CP. While always operating out of the political spotlight, CP Group is known to have a reach and power that at least equals the most powerful Thai political parties. Its scale means that it has considerable influence in government as well.

The Nation did run a cryptic article about the corporate cloning of small businesses’ products, “Time to end this game of THAI MONOPOLY”, but without mentioning the boycott or the companies involved.

Only fearless Manager has a full article on the boycott at this time.

Similar: Late last year, also Chevron found itself also having to emphasize it supports “Thainess”


Above, a graphic from CP to respond to the 7-11 boycott. It reads: 7-Eleven shops, half of them are franchises owned by the small entrepreneurs in Thailand.

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