TG LAX sales

TG LAX sales - March 1, 2004
Dave pointed out some scuttlebutt from the aviation board Posted Thu Feb 26 2004 18:06:45: TG cuts LAX (Los Angeles airport) frequency just about every other year. The reason they lose so much money on the LAX flight is because their U.S. Sales management is completely inept. LAX seems to be the dumping ground for problem children of the Thai Air Force generals who run (or heavily influence) TG. They don't want their lazy brats hanging around headquarters in BKK, so they pack them off to the US where they can do the least amount of damage. But, unfortunately, they kill our market. I haven't met a bright spark in TG sales since 1989. The last moron they sent out as U.S. Sales Manager spent his sales calls presenting a pocket calendar he designed. He barely spoke English and had absolutely no clue how to sell TG. Unfortunately, TG always goes for the easiest sale... the thai ethnic market in LAX. Because of this, their yields are always crap. There is huge demand for travel to Thailand. Try to get space on CX, UA or NW... those flights are almost always full. If TG could ever get past the cronyism that has prevented the truly talented staff from rising to the top, it would be an absolutely fantastic airline.
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