Tears of Shiva is more blessed than tears of the poor


From Thairath, by Sia, August 8, 2015
Caption: Tears of Shiva is more blessed than tears of the poor.
Man from top to down: Economy, Fishery, Rubber plantation worker, Farmer.
Mouse man: If you do not believe it, do not disrespect it.
Mouse: Do not abandon the poor.
[The mouse man is artist Sia’s caricature of activist Sombat Boongamanong, whose nickname is Nuling (or “mouse”). He always appears at the edge of Sia’s cartoons, often calling for human rights and reform.
The pro-Red Shirt cartoon attempts to reinforce the idea that the junta does not care about the poor by ridiculing PM Prayuth’s Tears of Shiva prayer beads (Rudraksha) that Thais often wear on their wrists.]

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