Tears of fire


From Arun, December 9, 2015
Puchong Nutrawong
Former EC Secretary-general
‘Puchong’ is crying while insisting to fight back the EC
After being sacked. Disclosing that the draft constitution has already set a specification
Traveling aboard–increasing salary of ‘the boss’
On a right corner: EC

[Refers to a sack of former Election Commission (EC) Secretary-General Puchong for allegedly failing his performance evaluation and frequently delaying the completion of his work. “Traveling aboard–increasing salary of ‘the boss’” refers to some of the criticism of him. Puchong insisted to be ready to defend himself following the threat of a libel case from the EC.
The EC is one of the independent bodies created in the 1997 constitution that has been constantly manipulated by the Thai political world that is uncomfortable with independent oversight of their activities. The EC has been twisted to first help Thaksin’s cause and then stop him. Several members had to flee the country and others ended up in jail–all due to constant political pressured designed to compromise the the EC.]

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