Tearing up the winner’s voices?


From Thairath, November 4, 2015
Title: Tearing up the winner’s voices?
Meechai Ruchuphan says: Mixed allocated system, favor loser’s voices.
On Meechai’s shirt: CDC [Constitution Drafting Committee]
On the paper: People elect the members of parliament
Phi Nooring: Building a way for an external [unelected] PM
Mouse: The world’s 1st system [of this type]

[Refers to the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) chaired by Meechai Ruchuphan. It is thought that the new constitution he is drafting will be crafted in such a way that another absolute parliamentary majority by Thaksin is impossible. Instead, some sort of proportional representation will be crafted to allow a broad coalition of parties to rule and possibly select an unelected PM to prevent Thaksin or an Thaksin nominee from once again holding the post.]

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