Tearing Down the DSI

From February 19, 2013
Cartoon title: DSI under Tarit’s authority

[DSI stands for Department of Special Investigation. Tarit Pengdit is Director-General of of the department. Under the Pheu Thai government, Tarit has been criticized for using his power to serve the government. Many of the cases his department is working are allegedly no within his autonomy, for example the case of Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva and former deputy prime minister Suthep Thuaksuban concerning the Red Shirt protest during April and May 2010. The DSI has also investigated the construction project of 396 police stations nationwide. Again Tarit has attempted to connect the case to the Pheu Thai arch-rival Democrats led by Abhisit and Suthep.
The DSI was conceived as an independent legal entity that could objectively investigate and prosecute cases since the Royal Thai Police were so thoroughly compromised and corrupt. However, critics point out that the DSI has been used as a political tool by all sides and eagerly harasses the opposition at every opportunity.
The building changing into a spirit house means changing from a respectful legal enforcing department to a mere nonsense spirit house that people cannot really rely on.]

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