Tear gas used as 25,000 rally for Malaysia reforms

Tear gas used as 25,000 rally for Malaysia reforms – AP, April 28, 2012
…Organizers declared the event a success and asked people to head home. But just as some were walking away, a small group appeared to suddenly breach the police barriers, prompting authorities to fire tear gas and water laced with stinging chemicals at portions of the crowd.
Demonstrators fled into streets and stores nearby, but witnesses said baton-armed police backed by trucks continued firing tear gas at some of them for at least half an hour before much of the crowd was dispersed. Authorities were seen detaining at least 20 people.
Federal police spokesman Rasdi Ramli estimated there were about 25,000 demonstrators, but many witnesses and some Malaysian news organizations said there were far more. Independent news website Malaysiakini said there was 100,000, while The Sun newspaper estimated 80,000…

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