Taxpayer foots 250,000 bill to bury rotting vegetables in Thailand

Taxpayer foots £250,000 bill to bury rotting vegetables in Thailand - Daily Telegraph, January 13, 2007
...It hopes that projects in countries such as Thailand and China will help to "offset the carbon footprint" caused by British ministers and officials who take to the skies.
The news has been welcomed by workers at Siam Products, a huge processing factory in Kalasin, north-east Thailand.
For years, they have tolerated the stench of waste water filled with rotting vegetables going straight into ponds as part of a process that turns cassava into starch for food and pharmaceuticals.
Under the EEA scheme, the waste water and vegetables will be put into large holes from which the foul-smelling methane should be siphoned off and converted into electricity used in the factory...
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