Targeting Suthin

From Manager, January 28, 2014
Police commander: Kill them. Don’t worry about the armed forces. Boss said… he trusted in Ai Too.
On the side of the truck: PTT robs the country
[“Ai Too” is the army commander Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha.
This cartoon is more ridicule of the army commander-in-chief’s statement that the army would be responsible for violence against the protesters.
The dead man on the truck is one of the leaders of the People’s Democratic Force to Overthrow Thaksinism, Suthin Tharathin, who was shot dead while he led a group of the supporters to obstruct the advance voting in Bang Na, Bangkok on January 26.
“PTT” is the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, alleged to be in collusion with Thaksin on several deals. Slain leader Suthin Tharathin was one of the first people to question Thaksin’s personal and family interest in Thailand’s state oil companies and this is alleged to be one of the reasons he was killed.
“Boss said… he trusted in Ai Too” refers to a conversation on an audio tape, apparently purposely leaked by the Thaksin camp last year, where Thaksin talks with the Defense Minister about plans to return to Thailand and affirms that he trusts the army commander not to intervene.]

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