Talk about courage… these two should have traded their uniforms

From Manager July 14, 2013
Caption: Talk about courage… these two should have traded their uniforms

[On the left is deputy permanent-secretary of the Finance Ministry Supa Piyajitti, who heads a Finance Ministry subcommittee assessing the accounts of the rice-pledging program. On the right is the Royal Thai Army’s Commander Gen. Prayuth Chanocha.
Critics of the government have lambasted Prayuth for allegedly conspiring with Thaksin in some sort of deal to return him to Thaksin. This is due to the leaked audio clip, authenticated by Thaksin’s son, that has Thaksin and the defense minister discussing how they can pacify the military to allow Thaksin to return to Thailand. In the clip, Thaksin implies he trusts the head of the military, Pryauth.
The clip seems to be leaked on purpose to reveal that Thaksin has a deal with the military–specifically with Gen. Prayuth–not to oppose his pardon and return. The release of the recording causes shock among anti-Thaksin groups.
On the other hand, Supa risked the full wrath of the government by reporting that the populist rice pledging scheme is riddled with graft.]

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