Ignore the show offs!

From Thairath, June 5, 2013
Title: Take clothes off… and wear a mask
Naked figures left to right:
Klanarong Chanthik with the word NCC above. He says: Pursuant to Thawil’s request, I will handle it.
On his body: Love Democrat Party
On the knife: Section 157 [of the Criminal Code]
[This refers to the former NSC chief Thawil Pliensri’s successful judgment against the government for transferring him. Thawil said he would seek justice from the NCC against PM Yingluck for malfeasance in violation of Section 157 of the Criminal Code if he failed to be reinstated. He was shuffled out of his post as part of an effort to promote a Thaksin relative to be police chief.]
Man with a boot for a head [symbolizing the military]: Call on the military for a coup d’état.
At bottom right is a man wearing a mask of Kaewsan Atibodhi. He says: Use the ‘Thai Spring’ to bring down the government.
On his body: Love the elite.
In the back is a figure with a mask representing the courts. On his body: Judicial activism [this refers to the many cases against the government the court has accepted]
PM Yingluck Shinawatra is covering her eyes.
Phi Nooring: Those who love to show off.
Mouse: Reviling themselves
Along left side: Idea by 1000 TID [Thai cartoonists will often create cartoons based on readers submission of ideas.]
[The refers to “Thai Spring” protesters who are wearing white Guy Fawkers masks to protest against the government. The cartoonist contends the anti-government protesters are the same vested interests that have long been trying to bring down the government. The naked men represent this and Yingluck is attempting to ignore these “show offs” as the Pheu Thai Party has called on the government to simply ignore the forces, such as the courts, that are trying to check the power of the elected government.]

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