Switching legs to deceive

From Thairath, February 12, 2012
Cartoon reads: Switching legs to deceive [An idiom meaning “switching sides”]
Upper left: We’re deceived into thinking the military would stage a coup! [shows Jatuporn crying wolf about a coup]
Upper middle: We’re deceived into thinking freedom of different thinking exists! [referring to the controversy over the “rude” words that Simsiri app can say]
Upper right: We’re deceived into thinking PTT and Thai Airways are being sold to the Vayupak Fund! [refers to the controversy of the actual nature of privatization or nationalization of major Thai industries]
Lower left: Ukrit’s deceived into setting up a constitutional amendment draft panel to be a false target! [meaning the formal nature of the amendment process is thought to be a smokescreen for other actions to bring Thaksin back]
Lower middle: We’re deceived that Section 112 revocation is for protecting the monarchy! [referring to the amendment of the lese majeste laws which are through, by some, to merely be a pressure tactic in the battle for Thaksin’s return]
Lower right: We’re deceived into thinking it [the compensation pictured above] is for national reconciliation! Left coffin reads: Krue Sae–Tak Bai. Right coffin reads: Red shirts. Sack reads: 7.75 million baht [ridiculing the payments the government is making to those killed or injured in the Red Shirt protests]

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