Suu Kyi Shines, But Party’s PR Machine Stumbles

Suu Kyi Shines, But Party’s PR Machine Stumbles – The Irrawaddy, June 1, 2012
…Although some media managed to capture the moment Suu Kyi set foot on foreign soil for the first time in 24 years, the time of her arrival at Bangkok’s international airport on Tuesday night was a mystery to most, because no one at the NLD’s headquarters in Rangoon was available to confirm it.
Responding to criticism of the party’s apparent lack of coordination, NLD spokesperson Ohn Kyaing explained that the problem stemmed largely from a lack of access to modern tools of communication.
“We hope that the international media understands that we don’t have all the high-tech gadgets,” said Ohn Kyaing, speaking to The Irrawaddy by phone from Rangoon on Friday. “Our headquarters doesn’t even have contact with [Suu Kyi and her team in Thailand] right now…”

Also: Suu Kyi Too Busy for Facebook – The Irrawaddy, June 1, 2012
…“Mind you, you never know what will happen with the technological revolution,” she said at a news conference. “Facebook may be old hat tomorrow. In that case, I won’t go on Facebook…”

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