Suthep and the Songkran Dancers

From ThaiRath, April 17, 2011
The cartoon title reads: The shameful [disgraceful] stories of the season
Left, next to the lady: Shameful for watchers

Middle, next to Deputy PM Suthep: Shameful mouth
Suthep points to a poster of Thaksin and says: Disgracing [royalty], lese majeste, toppling [the monarchy]
The words on the Thaksin poster: Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai takes action” [the Pheu Thai electoral slogan]

Right, next to the man covering his eyes: Shameful for heart
The man says: Reconciliation, returning happiness for Bangkok residents, let’s go shopping, Enjoy..
The skull around a sign that reads “Ratchaprasong” say: We were killed.

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