Sustainable poverty alleviation? Or free money?

From Thairath, February 13, 2018
Title: Sustainable poverty alleviation?
On big bag held by Gen. Chatchai: Than Niyom Yangyuen [Sustainable Thainess]
On his suit: Chatchai
On small bags from top to bottom: Low income people; baby; elder
Phi Nooring: Improve the quality of life
Mouse: Does it really return the happiness?

[Refers to the junta new development project Than Niyom Yangyuen or “Sustainable Thainess.” General Chatchai Sarikulya said that this project is welcomed from people as it aims to restore reconciliation, reduce disparity and make people respect the law with an emphasis on equality and fairness. However, there is a concern that this project is just the junta’s populist project to distribute free cash and woo public support.]

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