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Bangkok blast: Thaksin’s son doubles reward for hunt of suspect
[This is damage control for Thaksin and his cause. No claim of responsibility for the blast will make the recent attacks look increasing like a Thai domestic terrorist event as both separatists in the Thai Deep South and political intimidation bombings in Bangkok rarely include claims of responsibility. Some have already tried to make comparisons to the sloppy Red Shirt “Valentine’s Day present for Thaksin” bombings at the courts earlier this year and the later bombs at Siam Paragon.
However, the scale, location and character of the bombings are well outside of the norms for a domestic Thai event. Authorities would thus be looking at an international connection.]

Poso terrorists may be linked with Bangkok bombing
Indonesia’s police are currently looking into whether the East Indonesian Mujahidin (MIT) terrorist group led by Santoso in Poso, Central Sulawesi, has links to the recent deadly bombing in Bangkok, said Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan…

Seen Often on Sathorn 10, Suspect Thought to Use Fake Turkish Passport
…He said the man spoke English, but could not attest to what ability. Withaya said it was many months ago, but he clearly remembers giving two rides to a man he was relatively confident was that seen in the passport. He verified a media report that his colleague, Nikhom Tantula, was “100 percent sure” it was the same man Nikhom gave upward of 10 rides to during that period. Nikhom was away on a lunch break at the time of the interview, he said…

Police: Suspect may have escaped

Thai police focus on possible ‘Turkish connection’ in shrine bombing manhunt
Police have reportedly been showing a copy of a Turkish passport as they question hotel staff and motorbike taxi drivers in the manhunt for the chief suspect in Bangkok’s worst terrorist atrocity…

The Times: Thai police hunt man named ‘Mohamad Museyin’
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…Mr Nikhom says that he gave a lift to someone resembling the suspect on eight consecutive days in February, always picking him up from the same spot, a taxi rank off Sathorn Road, at 5.30am. “He always ran up in such a hurry, saying, ‘quickly!’” he said. “I’d be doing 80km/h, and he’d want me to go faster. During the journey, he would be on the phone all the time, taking calls and speaking in English, although I didn’t understand what he was saying.”
The man always asked to be taken to a hotel close to Asoke Hospital in central Bangkok — although the police who interviewed Mr Nikhom did not ask for this information. On Wednesday, immigration officials showed him a copy of a passport in the name of Mohamad Museyin. “His hair was different, but I’m pretty sure that it was the same man,” Mr Nikhom said…

Thai Investigators Review New Blast Video

Police launch massive crackdown on crime

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