Support from the U.S. senate II

From Manager, December 9, 2020
Uncle Sam: I-Guin! [this is a name referring to the person holding the sign, protest leader Penguin; “Guin” is his nickname and “I” is an impolite pronoun used with it to show anger or irritation] I bought you cheesecake… gave a fund to support including a scholarship… Then, you want to be a communist… Damn it!!
[The “cheesecake” remark refers to the photos that emerged of the protest leaders being feted at the U.S. embassy and eating cheesecake.
The “scholarship” refers to an unfounded rumor that the protest leaders had a backup asylum plan with the embassy and would receive a scholarship in the U.S. to pursue their study if exiled for their protest activities. The U.S. Embassy in Thailand denied this rumor.]
Caption: This person [meaning Uncle Sam] will be the most disappointed one.

[This cartoon refers to the Free Youth’s new logo that made the letters “R” and “T” (for “Restart Thailand”) into the communist hammer and sickle symbol. Shortly after, the hashtag #RepublicofThailand started trending on Twitter. Later the group defended the economic system of communist countries and posited that a communist system would not have to be a dictatorship.

Shortly after, the main leaders of the students protesters (pictured above) distanced themselves from the Free Youth and reaffirmed they desired democracy.

The appearance of the new logo came at a bad time, just as news of the U.S. senate’s proposed resolution, supporting the protesters, was circulating through the news. One of the senators, Senator Bob Menendez, even issued a statement assuring the world that “Thailand’s reformers are not seeking a revolution…”

The student protesters had received glowing coverage over the past months in the international press, with nearly every outlet using “man on the street” articles where a series of earnest and innocent-sounding students told of their hopes for democracy and for an end to enforced disappearances.

The cartoonist seems to be saying that the emergence of the logo, when U.S. lawmakers were attempting to support the protesters and their goals, was a gaffe that interfered with the narrative the U.S. was pushing.]

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