Super Too!!!

From Manager, August 27, 2014
Super Too: I will control the lottery price… suppress the motorcycle taxi mafia… control the mini-buses… enforce the traffic laws… bring beaches back… bring conserved forests back… stop corruption… eradicate the corrupt politicians… suppress people whom insult the Royal family… restore state enterprises… build the infrastructure… manage water… reform politics… these will be completed within 1 year!
Superman: Everything, within 1 year? I respect you.
Caption: Even a superman can’t.

[Newly appointed PM and junta chief Gen. Prayuth’s nickname is “Too.” For all the promises and expectations he has raised since the coup, he is often referred to as “Super Too.”
After overthrowing the previous government, Gen. Prayuth has spoken about tackling just about every persistent problem–many of them law enforcement issues–that are hot button topics with the public. In the cartoon even Superman is incredulous that he will be able to carry them all out.]

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