Suicides of farmers

From Arun, February 7, 2014
Cartoon title: Rice plants of rice farmers
[meaning that rice farmers are committing suicides because of the government’s inability to pay rice subsidies]

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One Response to Suicides of farmers

  1. Wiz says:

    Ai Somchai begging the gluttony red sow (Red Dragon lady) to sacrifice just a hair to pay for rice pledges
    Note from Ying Yai: Red Dragon lady is the real Lanna tyrannical lady – all the upper north are under control of her.
    Even provincial governors and police chief of region 5 have to kowtow her … However, she would never allow anybody lower than
    PM to come to kowtow her. Even AI Bunsong has to come to kowtow her before coming to the office – ONLY the hard head like Ai Plodprasob would never kowtow Red Dragon lady. Khun Chatchart kowtow Red Dragon lady even more than Ai Bunsong – Furthermore, Red Dragon lady would allow only Professors, deputy Professors, and associated professors such asAi Nithi Iawsriwong, Ai Kasian Techapheera, Ai Worajet, to come and kowtow her … just have Ph.D. is not enough, so Ai Somsak Jiamthiamsakul is disqualified from kowtowing Red Dragon lady .. ONLY young Ph.D. like EE weeraphat and other Nitired will be
    allowed to come and kowtow Red Dragon lady due to their pleasing rheotheric – or lads who have a good virility that give her
    excellent pleasure would be allowed to become her favorites other than than those mentioned above. Even media like Matichon has become part of Red Dragon lady’s court – at least this one has become her favorite to the point that she even come to see the media owners and columnists by herself – no need to wait for the long line as she is going to use High Society page (page 4) of Matichon Sunday and Khao Sod Sunday to keep her on limelight. Just before the election of 2011, Red dragon lady has come to tell Matichon to run the promotion of Yinglux with a big payment for Khanchai Bunpan and Sujit Wongthet
    (both are the founder of Matichon along with Arts and Culture).

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