Submarines signal graft

From Naewna, April 28, 2017
Around submarines, left to right:
On first submarine: Soldiers
On submarine camera: Receive bribe
On second submarine: Polices
On submarine camera: Secret budget
On third submarine: Politicians
On submarine camera: Commission
On fourth submarine: Government officers
On submarine camera: Downstream money
Above the submarines: bung-bung [the sound of water]; hush-hush
Caption: Here are some of the submarines in Thailand from the past, but no one can be told!

[This refers to the controversial purchase of a submarine, long a desire of the Thai military. The junta, perhaps feeling overconfident, conducted the purchase in secret and told the public not to be concerned about the details. This led to suspicions that corruption is part of the deal.
The military has countered that Thailand had submarines in the past so the secretive US$393 million purchase should not be a surprise.
Naewna newspaper has a rabidly pro-junta and anti-Thaksin viewpoint. However, even they cannot resist ridiculing the military’s submarine purchase.]

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