Suan Dusit Poll: 74.12% of Bangkokians believe the bombing was related to politics

[translated and summarized from a Suan Dusit Poll – December 20, 2011]

1. Opinion on the bombing of the city at this time.

1. Is political/to create turbulence in the city: 45.67%
2. Make people panic/have anxiety, fear/reduced confidence in safety. 27.03%
3. Actions from people who have malicious intentions towards the country. Lack of good conscience. Desire personal gain. 21.26%
4. Many police should act quickly to arrest the offender and punish them strictly. 6.04%

2. The cause of the bombing is:

1. from political conflicts 52.97%
2. people want to see chaos, people panicking and social disorder. 35.89%
3. they want to defy the country’s laws/create situation to get attention.   7.92%
4. they want to destroy the stability of the nation and reduce the credibility of the government.   3.22%

3. Was the bombing incidents related to politics or not?

1. Involved with politics. 74.12%
(Because from the follow up information on the event, people believed that it is a political issue.
2. Not sure 23.08%
Because there might be a third party to create chaos.
3. Non-political   2.80%
Because it may come from [personal] conflicts, people who know each other, or to create a situation to get attention.

4. What should the government do about this bombing?

1. Hurry to investigate this case and arrest and punish the offenders as soon as possible/Do not apprehend only scapegoats. 41.53%
2. There must be a clear, strict measures to prevent it/increase checkpoints and police in risky areas. 32.21%
3. Have to clarify or inform the public/not conceal the facts/news must be precise. 20.28%
4. request cooperation from all parties, especially people have to keep an eye on anything, look after things instead of the polices.   5.98%

5. How should people behave considering the cases of bombings today.

1. Take care of themselves. Be more careful/Avoid risk areas. 51.21%
2. Keep an eye on anything, look after things. If anything’s wrong, report to the police immediately. 26.49%
3. To follow up information with consciousness. Do not panic much. 16.78%
4. Stay put/During the risk period, should not leave home.   5.52%
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