Stuck in the buffalo’s ass

From Manager, October 15, 2013
Red buffalo: How dare you call this a shit, you old-fashion thinker? It’s gold.
Stuck in the buffalo’s ass is Thaksin.
Caption: These people don’t think it’s shit.

From Komchadluek, October 16, 2013
Thaksin: Doctor, please help me. These people are trying to get inside my ass and it hurts badly.

[These cartoons refer to a speech by Theerayuth Boonme who criticized politics and Thaksin in on the anniversary of the pro-democracy movements of the 1970s.
He used the Thai saying about “shit being stuck in one’s anus” to refer to Thaksin as a political parasite who will not easily go away.
To refer to a person as a “buffalo” is an insult meaning they are stupid. In the cartoon it is used to refer to the pro-Thaksin Red Shirts.]

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