Struck by the skies

From Matichon, February 19, 2019

[This shows former PM Thaksin, the “owner” of at least three political parties vying in the upcoming elections. One of the parties, Thai Raksa Chart, proposed the King’s elder sister Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya to be its PM candidate. This was a bold and provocative move, typical of the Thaksin-dominated era of politics, to challenge the supposedly non-political parts of the Thai system and give the impression that all parts of the Thai traditional “establishment,” from the military to the monarchy, are divided and actually want Thaksin to return to power.
This cartoon illustrates the idiom “pulling the sky down” meaning to try to involve the royal institution into ordinary people’s activities.
The gambit to propose the princess as PM quickly fell apart and the Thai Raksa Chart party is now facing legal cases that could lead to its disbanding.]

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