Strange Democrat Election Poster

(Source: Andreas Hörstemeier)

Andy writes: while walking through Thonburi today, I spotted one really strange election poster showing just a ruler and the Democrat Party header. In fact, there were three of this kind all close to each other, and the other two even lacked the header, only had the ruler (which has a small Democrat label as well). Can you make any sense of it? Or is it maybe even a fake poster as a fellow Tweeter suspected? Have only seen that at only one location, on Arun Amarin road in Bangkok Yai district so far.

[A ruler represents something that is straight and according to rules. A similar reference like this is here: Purachai Climbing a Ruler to the PM Chair
We think the meaning is that the Democrats are contending they do things according to conventional rules as opposed to Thaksin-directed parties that bend rules in the name of reform while promoting Thaksin family members to key positions ahead of others who were in line for the jobs.]

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