Strange Businessweek article: Thailand’s junta is afraid of the Hunger Games salute because the economy is slowing?

Why Thailand’s Junta Is Afraid of The Hunger Games – Businessweek, November 24, 2014
[This is one of those lazy wrap-up articles that tries to pull together regional bits and pieces to fill space, but then an editor who has not read through the article itself adds a click-bait title for it.]
…Thailand’s junta might be less nervous if the generals were overseeing a thriving economic recovery. Growth, however, is tepid at best: The economy will expand just 0.8 percent this year, according to a Bloomberg survey of 25 economists, down from an earlier consensus of 1.5 percent. And while economists expect next year to be better, with gross domestic product expanding 4 percent, many Thai business executives seem to be wary about conditions at home…

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