Storm from the spittoon


From Thairath, February 4, 2016
Title: Mass media… Why are you even here?
Right speech blobs from top to bottom:
Asking only about elections–you want to elect those inferior people!
Resist drug instructions. [an idiomatic phrase meaning to disobey the rule as if you are not following the dosage instructions for drugs]
Play innocent. [meaning you are playing innocent about why you are so disrespectful to your leader Prayuth]
Impurity stubborn. [meaning something like you are disobeying with an evil intention]
Mouse man: A little better than spittoon.
Mouse: Temper storm.

[This refers to how PM Prayuth reacts to questions from the media, often with a loss of temper.
In Thailand, harsh words and invective are portrayed as a shower of spit, as in this cartoon.]

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