Stopping drinking during Buddhist Lent Day is not enough

From Thairath, July 13, 2014
Cartoon title: Stopping drinking during Buddhist Lent Day is not enough
Top left: Stop making faces, and serve people! [referring to grumpy civil servants]

Top right: Stop threatening and extorting! [A policeman holds and iron. The iron has a figurative meaning of ‘extort’ due to the homophone of the two Thai words.]

Bottom left: Stop chasing the fashion trend of saving clothes, women! [This is criticizing women who wear revealing clothes by copying models on magazine covers. They are “saving clothes” by wearing very little.]

Bottom, 2nd from left: Stop the government’s lotto quotas for sleeping partner!
[This refers to the method of selling lottery tickets to politically connected wholesales vendors. This causes higher prices for the tickets than the face value on the ticket. If the Lotto Office sells to retailers directly, then the retailers can sell the tickets at the ticket face value.
The wholesale vendors, who are supported by influential groups of people involved in politics, are called “sleeping partners.” The tiger represents wholesales vendors/middlemen in the business. In Thai showing them as a tiger means that the middlemen are just like tigers that lie down and eat without hunting.]

Bottom, 2nd from right: Stop calling yourselves democratic men! [Referring to politicians who just get into politics for personal benefits.]

Bottom right: Stop giving false information to foreign press to burn up your own county!
[Refers to consternation at the way Thailand has been portrayed in the foreign press since the coup.]

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