Stop the railway transport department


Banner on the left: Railway people join hands against the establishment of a railway transport department.
Stop! The Act of transport management year… [meaning it will be opposed any year it will be set up]

[This refers to the attempt to establish a railway transport department by 2016 in order to expand the railway network nationwide. To set up the new department, the government will issue an act.
Thai railways have been hampered by bureaucratic inertia, its worker associations packed with non-railway workers for political purposes, and its assets strangled by mass encroachment by railway workers and others on railway lands.
Coupled with unwillingness to break up this old bureaucracy, Thai railways have fallen fall behind world standards in maintenance and improvements while racking up staggering debts.
The junta, using their present absolute powers, is attempting to finally make headway to fix Thai railways to create a fresh organization free of strident worker demands and crushing debt to finally get various high speed rail and double-tracking improvements underway.]

A sign on the far right: Wichianburi grilled chicken [Meanwhile, Wichianburi is a district where is a famous on a grilled chicken. In this picture, there are many street grilled chicken which sell is Wichianburi grilled chicken.]

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