Stop raping Thailand!

Stop raping Thailand! - Daily World Today, June 12-18, 2010
The main headline reads: Stop the bill of reaping - Stop raping Thailand!
[This is Thai word play using the sound of the word--"chok chuay," which means "reaping benefits." This sounds similar to "chook chuen" which means "emergency." So the words mean something like that the bill being passed is creating an emergency or should cause alarm.]
The words on white sheets read: The area of using real bullets
The words on the tied up man read: Terrorists
The words in front of the tied up children read: Emergency decree
The characters speaking (from left to right):
Man having sex: I ask for the return of the area my beautiful girl.
Woman: Oh yeah!
Dark man: I am waiting in the queue for cordoning off the area
Man with soldier's helmet: Don't delay, the lover boy will be wilting.[refers to a man losing his potency like a wilting flower]
[The overall meaning is that the use of force to take back the Red Shirt rally area in 2010 is the same as the rape of the nation. This sort of analogy has also been used to criticize coups or general suppression of people's interests in the past. Despite the shocking nature of the front page cartoon, within Thai culture, rape is matter-of-factly referenced and seen as an occasional fruit of romance (perhaps as it was viewed 50 years ago in Western nations).
The government has been playing up the idea that pro-Thaksin groups will immediately cause chaos if the emergency decree is lifted and, indeed, much of the present pro-Red Shirt literature seems intent on maintaining a high degree of outrage and instant readiness to take to the streets again.]
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