Stop appointed senators from voting

From Thairath, August 6, 2020
Title: Cut the worst part first.
On a man’s hand: Vote for PM
On his shirt: Senator appointed by his group
On the chopping block: Revise the constitution
Signs held by the protesters: Free People; Call for the future; Youth; Don’t want the senators appointed by their groups; Overthrow the uncle [“uncle” being PM Prayuth]
Phi Nooring: A disgusting and dangerous organ [meaning the arm of the voting senator]
Mouse: Work for the dictator

[Refers to the current anti-government protests. The cartoon illustrates that under the current constitution, appointed senators vote for PM. As these men are invariably pro-military men, it allows the former junta to extend their power and form the current government. More on this concept from 2016: Thailand’s Half Democracy]

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