Stomping on their faces

From Manager, October 20, 2013
On the building: Pheu Thai Party
Man in the building: Don’t worry boss… most of the Thai people don’t realize that you’re stomping on their faces… they still remain idle.
On people’s faces: Amnesty Bill
[Reference is to the amnesty bill submitted by a Pheu Thai MP Prayuth Siriphanich, which will, if become a law, result in dismissal of cases involving Thaksin Shinawatra and allow him to return to Thailand.]

From Manager, October 22, 2013
Man in black suit: Why don’t you stomp them with both of your feet, boss?
Thaksin Shinawatra: Leave one for Hun Sen… on November 11. [referring to the day that the World Court of Justice rules on the the Prear Vihear case]
On the man’s face: Amnesty Bill
On the man’s shirt: Idle Thais

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