Getting Away With the Rice

From Manager, October 25, 2012
Sign on building: National Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Yelling from left: They must have colluded!, Are they colluding?, Certainly colluding…
Caption: While everybody pays attention to 3G… 2G is getting off the hook.

[The woman is Yaowapa Wongsawad, Thaksin’s sister, and a major force in the government. The man carrying rice bags is Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom. The 3G auction was criticized for allowing several major companies to collude on bidding.
In the cartoon, “2G” refers to the “government-to-government” rice trading deals Boonsong claimed he has made. He refused to provide any details of the deals claiming that it would compromise the deals. Many are suspicious as to whether the deals really exist.]

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