Staying in a power for a long time


From Thairath, February 25, 2016
Title: A political counselor or a magician?
On the back of the soldier: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
On flag: Article 44 [the article which gives the junta absolute authority in its rule]
On carpet: 20-year national strategic plan
Along the side of the carpet: Staying in a power for a long time…
On the constitution at bottom left: Crazy version
The man cranking the constitution is Meechai Ruchuphan, the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Commission
At bottom right Phi Nooring says: No one refuses it if you want to stay longer.
A mouse: People can accept it.
Beside him is Thaksin. This makes Nooring’s comments sarcastic meaning that people will rise up to resist military rule.

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