Same cartoon idea from both pro- & anti-Thaksin cartoonists

From Thairath, June 16, 2014
Title: Migrant workers
A bus on the left: Boards of state enterprises
On the men’s suits: President, Board member, Adviser
A bus on the right: Alien laborers

From Manager, June 18, 2014
Left caption: Cambodian workers
Man: Hurry up… The soldiers are coming to catch us.
On the border gate: Thai-Cambodia border
Right caption: Boards of state enterprises
Man: Hurry up… The soldiers are coming to catch us.
Sign above door: The board’s meeting room

[Both cartoons illustrate that both board members of state enterprises and Cambodian laborers are leaving their jobs due to the military junta. While rumors of a crackdown have caused illegal Cambodian workers to flee, the junta has also been clearing state boards of Thaksin cronies and other political appointees and resolving to improve the transparency and accountability of the organizations.]

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