Start with the victims under your foot first, sir

From Thairath, November 24, 2017
Title: Start with the victims under your foot first, sir.
Military: I’d like to announce that human rights 4.0 to be the national agenda.
Papers from left to right: Power of law, Parliament of closed alliances, Sue the media with the Computer Act, Article 44
Signs held by people in prison from left to right: Calling for justice, giving a fake charge, Put in jail and can’t bail out, bring the people to military court, violate human rights, arrest people who have different opinion to adjust their attitude
Phi Nooring: Having a good plan for staying longer
Mouse: Just only speaks to make himself look good

[Refers to the junta. The junta is committing to reform the country through the national strategy “Thailand 4.0.” which includes acknowledgement of human rights.
The cartoonists contrasts this pledge with the junta’s record of restricting human rights and the freedom of people.]

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