Spittoon mouth

From Thairath, February 25, 2021
Title: Foreigners use ‘spittoon’ to keep wine bottles. Thais use ‘spittoon’ as a mouth.
People around PM Prayuth: Admire Uncle Tu. Violate morals. Aggressive MPs. PM Prayuth: Love to hear a person talking who violated the laws. [this was PM Prayuth’s sarcastic comment on Thaksin’s Clubhouse chat meaning people seem to like to listen to Thaksin who fled the country to escape legal charges]
Phi Nooring: Tools for speaking beautifully
Mouse: Speaking with smell

[Refers to a humorous online post about an item on Amazon that was claimed to be a traditional Chinese fruit basket and decoration with a very high price. However, it was a spittoon with a trumpet-shape mouth like those used in Asia.
The cartoon uses the saying “spittoon mouth” meaning a person who loves to talk to benefit themselves. People saying abusive things are also personified as spit coming out of one’s mouth. All of this is combined to claim that the government has many negative comments to make.]

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