Spiegel Interview with Thaksin Shinawatra

Spiegel Interview with Thaksin Shinawatra – ‘Thailand Must Be United Again’ –, June 15, 2011
[The point about rigged elections will be the key point Thaksin will be pushing from this point on. Barring a one-party Pheu Thai government, it appears the next government could be a repeat of the present one–a clumsy coalition designed to stymie Thaksin’s ambitions.
More than one reader pointed out Spiegel’s lazy and superficial reporting. Their lead statement is at least a year out of date: “On the one side you have the so-called ‘yellow shirts’, the supporters of the government…”]

…Thaksin: All the polls have her ahead. But I am seriously worried about her. The political culture in Thailand is very violent. We are sure the government will try to rig the elections to prevent her from winning.
…SPIEGEL: When you were prime minister, many critics of the monarchy were also convicted.
Thaksin: When you’re in power, you can sometimes fall for the temptation to use this power. However, the king talked me out of it.
SPIEGEL: Why won’t the king step in and sort things out now?
Thaksin: He is very old and sick, and he’s surrounded by the wrong people…

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  1. Wisarut says:

    This controversial interview has already sparked the controversy sicne Ai Maew contempt the corut ruling algn with insulting on privy men as “Evil men aroudn HM” – a target for Ai Maew and UDD men to remvoe once for all … Even after PT men getting into power, expect the political stom soon after December 2011 …

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