Spanking… our friend

From Thairath, January 21, 2013
Caption: Spanking… our friend
The man holding the document: Mr. Wattana Sengpairoh, Spokesman for Parliament
Document: Amnesty Bill
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Speaking that which is unpleasant to hear. [meaning they regret having to criticize the government]
Man Mouse: For humanity.
[The man hiding behind the wall is Somsak Kiatsuranont, Parliament President. The woman is Jittra Kotchadech who led the Network of Social Activists for Democracy and Red Shirt supports to protest at the HQ of Pheu Thai Party to call Wattana to resign.
Reference to the protest by the Red shirt-related group “Network of Social Activists for Democracy” to call Wattana’s resignation due to the disagreement over the amnesty bill. The group also protested against Somsak with the same accusation. This all refers to the government’s cautious strategy to make sure it remains in power. They have split with some Red Shirts who demand they push ahead on amnesty measures.]

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